Loyalty to Mr. Trump

Fealty to @realDonaldTrump can be explained by one core marketing principle: The more a thing costs, the harder its buyers (or in this case, his supporters) will fight to justify their expenditure and the more loudly they'll sing his praises regardless of the quality of his work, until, when the cost of doing business is more than they can bear, their devotion turns to disdain.

In the meantime (ever think about what that word says, "mean time"?), our president and his ilk will continue to thrive until the many social missteps that have allowed for an environment toxic enough to sustain such behavior are, by choice or by chance, walked back, or better yet until we find our way through this current briar patch to a different path altogether, perhaps one less fraught with pitfalls and lawless raiders.

If we could be said to have a wish, it would be, "The best for each, and for everyone." Take good care.