Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Energy of the Day

Reason and intuition are at odds today, with our minds and emotions on opposite sides of the issues. The health of the breasts and stomach is front and center, as is our desire to apply with purpose abilities that came down from our ancestors. Maintaining the daily rituals that are sacred to us, thinking carefully before making choices, and submitting to universal processes of ending and beginning, especially regarding confidants and within the home, clear the way for a materially prosperous cycle.

Latent potential we thought was gone is awoken by a kernel of wisdom we've periodically grasped before. Pondering idealistic hopes brings about the revelation of hidden knowledge based in concrete science that excites our passions. Let these ideas percolate and wait for their forms to solidify before sharing them with friends and family.

Change and uncertainty are causing a degree of adversity now, and internal conflicts are making themselves felt in the back, spine, and heart. A disciplined, analytical, innovative approach to reforming our style of communication with others is rewarded with a renewed sense of self. This is a day for taking pleasure in life where we can find it.

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  1. From the comment that went out with the original posting of this video:

    "We apologize for the lateness of this posting. Dude had some technical issues that both taught him a lot and set him back time-wise, which of course he found frustrating but soldiered on. I have become quite fond of the little animated Dude as the delivery voice for my readings, and we're very much enjoying sharing these little daily projects that encompass what each of us really loves to do.

    "The readings, just plain boring text, are up at the Moments of Awareness blog [ ] or at our home page [ ] at 1AM MT daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, or on the occasion that I'm held up from writing and/or publishing them on time, as soon thereafter as possible, but rarely as late as this video might be depending upon Dude's ability to keep up given the equipment he's workin' with. :D

    "We've been talkin' about how cool it is that he's gettin' a chance to kind of document these last stages of his evolution... Well, far from the last stages, but the latest ones, in which the learning curve has been steep (and a bit rocky, just how he likes it :) ), 'cause he wanted to get the quality up since then it's more fun to watch. Enjoy, and while the next few days he'll be doing his best to keep up, he's gonna be out givin' a friend a hand with an odd job down the road some of the next few days, so I'll just go ahead and post the readings in a more timely manner on the day, and we'll get the videos caught up as we're able."