Monday, January 20, 2003

Energy of the Month

Huhn? Well, whaddya know. This Aquarian [update for all links (February 4, 2104): MOA T & A Glossary] energy has me too busy looking at the skies to write about them! Or perhaps Mercury coming direct again (yay!) is opening those flood-gates of communication that have been sticking and grumbling for the last twenty days or so. In any case, here we are in the sign of the future, ready and rarin' to go. Appropriate to it's nature, this Air sign has as a symbol the Water-Bearer. You see, air and water appear not to mix, but are dependent upon one another for support and enrichment. Likewise, this sign carries a somewhat aloof-seeming energy, but without it much of life would stagnate and crumble. Aquarius carries the energy of evolution accomplished, which gives all other energies an impetus to follow and emulate it, thus causing us to move forward and upward. It reminds us to look up now and again, enjoy the scenery, get as much out of the journey as the destination. Where Leo leaps to an end and settles in a bit, watching benevolently and offering a hand to those coming up behind, Aquarius simply *is* the end, and when we reach that end we find (as Uranus knew all along) yet another end to be reached, and if we're fortunate we begin to realize what it's been trying to show us, the joy of the in-betweens - thus Aquarius chooses not to help us along, though if we listen carefully we'll find all the wisdom we'll ever need in it's seemingly off-the-cuff answers. We wander about searching earth, sky, sea and space for the answers, for the reasons. Answers and reasons can be found in all those places, and Uranus assures us that they will be, but for today we need only look to the air we breathe. As we inhale and exhale, so do we live. What greater joy, what greater purpose do we seek? In life resides every possibility and opportunity. Aquarius asks us to pick and choose among them, try them on for size, become them should they suit us and discard them when they don't. Are you enjoying your Self today?
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