Thursday, March 29, 2018

An Opinion Regarding the Universe's Dark Forces

Dark matter and dark energy are the negative imprint left by those parts of reality that exist in the same spacetime as ours but in different dimensions and/or at different frequencies than our own. Black holes act as alveoli, transferring matter and energy between realities in a respiratory process, while the 'dark' (i.e., invisible and almost entirely without physical effect in our universe, or one might say, 'unknowable', although the line of what can't be known will shift with each new discovery) components give form and structure to the spaces between everything from electrons and their atoms' nuclei to galaxies in the universe.

The wave does not become a particle, but exists in every part of every possible spectrum and continuum at any given time, while any observer sees only in a finite spectrum, comprehending the portion (particle) of the wave existing in their own continuum. However, as the observer is moving across time, the particle - constantly moving along its waveform, but always only visible where that waveform resonates harmonically with what any given observer is equipped to receive - appears largely motionless but fluid and shifting.

Sometimes resonancies shift, either temporarily or permanently, which might result in various anomalies that may be interpreted as, for instance, ghosts, or aliens, or manifestations of mental illness, or some kinds of random inexplicable disappearances or displacements. There's no reason to believe that there aren't intelligences similar to our own, and even those among us, who by chance or by choice have learned to utilize (or exploit) the properties involved for any number of purposes.

Reality(ies) is(are) infinite. We humans need never worry that we'll run out of puzzles to solve in nature, but as our ability to observe, measure, and define on both macro- and microscales increases and - provided we don't get blown back to the Dark Ages (again) by our own hand or the effects of any number of natural cycles - before too long the universe will become an increasingly more colorful and lively place in our collective perception, with only a few dark corners that remain beyond our comprehension. If we ever find ourselves having illuminated every last mystery in the Universe, we'll once again be the God/Source/Universe-Itself from whence we came.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

'Fit of Anger'

Of course President Trump imposed these tariffs in the course of a 'temper tantrum'. Can't claim insider trading if it was just a spontaneous outburst.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Updating the Viking Cartoonafert

The Making of a Cartoonafert: Viking

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Making of The Cartoonafert

The Creation of a Chibiguana: Cowboy

The Creation of a Chibiguana: Italian Assassin

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Creation of a Chibiguana: Power Armor

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Creation of a Chibiguana: Onyx Guard

Dude Jr.'s first official video creation:

Watch and then subscribe to him at Iguanadome!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Why We're Not Worried About War with North Korea

Dennis Rodman started making a series of high-profile visits to North Korea in February 2013, between the filming and the airing of his second appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice. Both times on TCA, Mr. Rodman won nothing as Project Manager and was fired fairly early (after what most bosses would consider rather poor performances in most cases), but was continually praised by Mr. Trump for being a 'Great guy, terrific guy," etc., etc. ad nauseum. Mr. Rodman has befriended Mr. Kim and continues to travel back and forth despite his own declarations that next time he may not be able to come back. Mr. Trump is demonstrably loyal to few or none, although there are secrets he's happy to keep and praises he's happy to sing for as long as it's to his benefit to do so. Both are consummate showmen and know how to get an audience worked up. For what it's worth, Mr. Rodman is said to have been $800,000 in debt to his baby mama in 2012, broke and unable to pay, and he has aspirations to being seen as a diplomat.

Our theory is that Mr. Trump, Mr. Rodman, and Mr. Kim are working to create an impression that the US is in danger of war with North Korea, affording Mr. Trump the opportunity to engender tension with China, South Korea, and Iran, to swoop in at the last minute and 'save the day' with regard to North Korea while having created a need to keep troops in the Middle East, preferably at war. It's unlikely that Mr. Rodman will be given credit for his part in the scheme, unless a fall guy is needed for some aspect thereof.

To be clear, we have no particular objection to this course of action and find it somewhat amusing to watch all the actors play their parts. It's fascinating to contemplate whether folks who're taking (and losing) positions at the White House sign on knowing they'll be sacrificed at some point or if they really think they're 'trusted advisors' or valued Cabinet members, as well as the question of whether Mr. Trump would ever throw his own family members under the bus. If not, why not, and if so, how will they react? Would that restriction extend to current and former spouses? If so, does that also include his children's spouses? (One might think not.) As for us, we'll move forward as always and deal with whatever effects all this has on us personally as needed.

So we're not afraid of war with North Korea. Not to say there won't be a war but most likely not with Mr. Kim.